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(1)How to make the wool felt hats?

1. Process the raw material
The first stage is cleaning the wool, all of our material is import from Australia; We use a mild acid solution to eliminate the impurities in the wool.

2. Forming the wool felt hat body
Firstly we weighted the wool and confirmed the size exactly enough for the hat then put the wool through forming machine. The initial cone is formed.

3. Felting process
With the pounce machine and the steam, the wool cone begin to shrink into felt cone and then it is passed through rollers which uses hot water and pressure to further promote the felting process. This felting process will make the felt cone shrink to a required size and tightness.

4. Dyeing process.
After the felting process, it come to dyeing workshop, the felt hat bodies are put into a tank mix with the dyestuff, after dyeing process, they are go back to the rollers for holding the colour.

5. The last step for wool felt hat body
The felt hood will be dyed and stiffened to requirement. The felt hood is stretched to a standard size and shape, it is then dried in an oven and the surface is finished to requirement. Finally completed felt hood is checked the quality.

6. Blocking the hat bodies
Now the hat bodies are ready to be blocked. The hat is roughly blocked into shape by wetting it and pulling it over a wooden block. Blocking to final size is done with steam and aluminium mould. With the blocking machine and the steam, we can set the hat bodies into a desired crown and brim, and then cut the brim to size.

7. Trimming the hat.
After we the blocking process, the hat is ready for trimming. This process includes sewing, sweat band, linings, feather and etc.

8. The last inspection
We inspect all detail of the wool felt hats, and confirmed each one reach client’s request. Then we pack them in the plastic and carton.

(2)Hat sizing chart
Head Size Hat size
INCHES METRIC Getting the correct size will give you years of wearing pleasure.
21 53 6 5/8 XS
21 1/2 54 6 3/4 S
21 3/4 55 6 7/8
22 56 7 M
22 1/2 57 7 1/8
22 3/4 58 7 1/4 L
23 59 7 3/8
23 1/2 60 7 1/2 XL
24 61 7 5/8
24 3/8 62 7 3/4 XXL
24 7/8 63 7 7/8
25 1/8 64 8 XXXL
25 1/2 65 8 1/8

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